The Lightwalker Thrive Program 

A program of 3 online video courses to uniquely support you on your healing journey.

Our Services

Energy Healing

An important early step in trauma recovery, this process removes the energetic connection between the individual and the traumatic event(s). Healing occurs when light-based energy is introduced. This treatment enables the survivor to move forward ​with more balanced energy.


One of the great mysteries of life, Mediumship is being increasingly recognized as a life-changing healing modality. It reassures, uplifts and enables those who have lost loved ones to move forward on their grieving journeys, and to progressively live in peace and thrive.

Healer Network

A fundamental component of Lightwalker is our talented team of healers. We call them Beacons because they shine their lights to support survivors and enable the process of thriving. Beacons are carefully screened and selected for intention, abilities, and expertise.

Learn About How Our Approach Works...

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The video is an introduction to Lightwalker and explains who we are, what we do and whom we serve and why.

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