February 15

A New Path to Peace


Our departed loved ones REST in peace. I'm positive. The reason I know for sure is because as a medium, I've asked many of my own departed friends and family members about how they are doing. Since they already know me - they communicate easily and specifically. And, they all tell me the same thing about the other side - "It is SO awesome here!"

What is also interesting is that regardless of whether they believed in God or not, were devout Catholics, Muslim, Hindu, Jewish - it doesn't matter - they all describe the same place. On the other side, they are in an environment of perfect love and light in the presence of the divine Creator. Their spirits live on in the essence of peace. They are with their soul group - friends, family, and pets. They are doing the work they are destined to do and watching over us. And, all they want their loved ones to do - is to LIVE in peace.

Often, during medium readings, one of the messages from the departed person is that they want to give their loved ones permission to "take down the shrine."  So many times, when someone crosses over, those who remain create galleries or places in their homes with pictures, possessions and mementos from the departed so that they will never be forgotten.

Those who remain here may even think that elaborate tribute centers and holding on to all of the clothing and possessions actually help their departed loved ones to be at peace. When, actually, what are intended to honor the departed, these tributes actually remind the survivors on a daily basis that their loved ones are no longer embodied here. And it is bittersweet.

While it can be comforting to keep that special necklace or your favorite photo or the ashes of your loved one - honoring their memory occasionally is healthy. But having your own life become suspended in grief with no hope of happiness or laughter or love is not serving them nor you.

Our departed loved ones rest in peace no matter what we do next. As difficult as it may be to wrap our brains around this fact - they are joyful, no matter what.

Survivors often ask if it is okay to sell the house and move closer to friends and family, or to date a new person or to go on vacation to that place that was always on the bucket list.

And the answer from the other side is always the same - "YES!!!"

Because while your loved ones in spirit still have a connection to you and still honor you, every moment they are moving farther away energetically as the soul progresses on its journey - unencumbered by a human existence.  As they move forward, so should you. Nothing would please them more.

Our departed loved ones want us to LIVE in peace. They want us to move forward, to love and be loved and to feel joyful. Our sadness does not honor them nor serve us. This is the truth.

One of the first steps we can take to live in peace is to disconnect energetically from the sorrow and memories of grief by scheduling an energetic healing session.  This in no way diminishes our love connection to that person - it just clears out the pain. As you know, that can be done through energy clearing, healing and balancing.

The other thing we can do is to validate that our loved ones are living in peace by working with a medium who will facilitate a healing communication session between us.

We can also surround ourselves with like-minded people who share authentically in our healing journeys and join with them to create the momentum to heal, thrive, and move forward.

One of the missions of Lightwalker is to empower ourselves and others to discover A NEW PATH TO PEACE. And we do this by lighting up our energy and moving through the phases from victim to survivor to thriver.

Finally, time doesn't heal all wounds - inspired action heals. Each of us takes a different walk on the grieving journey, but the desired result is the same. The good news is that each of us is able to choose our own path.


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