​While Eastern medicine has recognized this for centuries, Western medicine is starting to understand the connection between trauma and cell memory. ​Very simply, every living thing is an energetic ecosystem made up of cells and molecules and all kinds of scientific stuff that vibrates and sustains life.

That's according to quantum physics. Also, according to that same science, when a human being experiences severe trauma - the dark, negative energy caused by fear, terror, disbelief, grief, etc. becomes embedded into the cellular memory of that individual. 

When we are exposed to traumatic events - whether physical or emotional or a combination, the ​negative energy invades our bodies and it stays there until it is removed. And, while it is there, we can feel pain, sadness, depression, fear, and may experience nightmares, tremors, anxiety, etc. The dark energy doesn't just sit there - it grows and expands and overwhelms until it seeps into the organ system and ​can eventually cause debilitating disease (I'm not a doctor - I'm an energy healer and this way of looking at things is based on the Eastern approach to medicine that treats the root cause, as opposed to the Western approach that treats symptoms. My Chinese Qi Gong teacher actually says that ALL disease is caused by energy blockages).

The most effective way to remove energetic cellular memory is through energy clearing - healing and balancing. ​The process is actually simple and affordable.Y​ou can schedule a session with one of our Lightwalker Beacon Network energy healers and experience the transformation for yourself.

In the Western medical tradition, there is no evidence-based cure for grief. That means that traditional Western medical approaches such as psychotherapy and prescription medications have not been proven to alleviate the pain of grief on their own. That is why Lightwalker was born - to educate about the healing powers of metaphysical modalities and to provide these services.

Energy healing is an important first step in the grieving journey - to help you transform from being a victim to a survivor to a thriver. Even if you experienced catastrophic loss or trauma years ago and have never experienced energetic healing, this metaphysical modality is a real game changer.

In my experience, energy healing enabled me to move forward with my life and recover from a serious traumatic brain injury. Many Western medical specialists told me that I would never work again and that my condition would worsen over time. They advised a prescription drug regimen and a lawsuit. I refused and did my own research. That is why Lightwalker is bringing this information and energy healing services to the world. ~ Submitted by: Lightwalker Founder - Lane Robinson

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