​Mediumship is a magical and essential process in the grieving journey. It is also a mystery and challenging to wrap our minds around. Here's some information about Mediumship and why it is a fundamental part of the Lightwalker service offering.

  • Mediumship is a process in which an intuitive person (a medium) connects with a departed spirit and relays messages from that soul to one or more people who are still on Earth
  • Mediums are born. All mediums are psychic. We can't train any psychic without innate Mediumship abilities to be able to communicate with the departed - usually the ability is passed down through our ancestors. Many mediums have parents or grandparents with the gift.
  • Mediums use different processes and methods to receive messages. Two things differentiate the quality of mediums. One is the intention of serving others with their gifts and working as healers. The other is the ability to deliver messages with compassion and loving grace.

Everything is energy, and energy is essential to Mediumship.  

How Mediumship Works

  • Mediumship works because of a combination of science and spirituality. From the scientific perspective, mediums are able to connect with departed spirits because energy is neither created nor destroyed - it simply changes form. When a human being dies, the soul leaves the body and relocates to the Universal cosmos. Each soul retains memories of life on Earth for a period of time. Accessing those memories is most effective within five years of the person's passing, but can also occur after more time has elapsed. Each soul has a personality that and lives on.
  • The spiritual side of Mediumship takes place in a partnership between the medium and the spirit world. Most mediums connect with the departed by relying on the support of spirit guides, archangels, and/or ascended masters such as Jesus and Mother Mary. Mediumship works with spiritual light energy. Mediumship is not evil, dark, weird or scary and many mediums have been indoctrinated in religious traditions. The Spiritualist Church was founded on the principle that Mediumship is a divine, healing practice.

Mediumship is Like Sex

  • Mediumship is like sex because you need to experience it to comprehend it. If you had no sexual experience, and someone described sex to you, would you want to do it? No way! It sounds horrible. The same holds true for Mediumship. When people experience a medium reading either one-on-one, on the phone, in person, or in a group setting, they understand immediately that Mediumship is natural, healing, fascinating and miraculous.

Mediumship is the MOST EFFECTIVE Healing Modality for Grief

  • Evidence-based in medicine endorses treatments proven to be effective by quantitative study. No evidence-based cure exists for grief.
  • ​Mediumship works for a few reasons. One - it provides evidence to the survivor that the departed loved one is safe, at peace, and energetically present. Also, it enables the survivor to obtain relevant information from the departed. Energetically, Mediumship aligns the departed soul with the loved one on Earth and provides comfort to both.
  • Mediumship is most effective after the survivor's energy has been cleared, healed and balanced by an energy healer. Most mediums recommend that Mediumship be used only after two to three months have passed after the death of the loved one.  However, the departed spirit can be accessed within days or weeks of crossing over and readings can be delivered within a shorter time frame at the discretion of the medium.

​Lightwalker intentionally offers the healing power of Mediumship to our community through the carefully-selected mediums in the Lightwalker Beacon Network. Please visit our Beacon Network page to find a medium. Submitted by ~ Lightwalker Founder - Lane Robinson.

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