Understanding Your Stress Profile

So many people are grieving...

Traditional psychotherapy and grief groups focus on loss and use obsolete information that does not support healing. The chronic stress of grief undermines wellness. We have created an effective way for clients to journey on a new path to peace.
This lesson teaches a simple and unique approach to help reduce stress and create new balance.
It is one of seven lessons in the Compass Program for Navigating Life After Loss.

Do your clients want...

To stop feeling tired and drained?

To be able to easily minimize their stress levels?

To be able to recognize their personal stress triggers?

To not feel overwhelmed by loss?

To feel more balanced and peaceful?

You can try this lesson for just $27!

Do any of these describe your clients?

Their current reality isn't at all what they had envisioned and they wish they could feel like themselves again.

They used to feel balanced, but sometimes it can be challenging for them to just function day-to-day.

They are coping with their own stuff, and they don't have the strength to deal with external pressures.

They are struggling and often feel drained and depleted.

They used to be good at setting boundaries, but now need a new approach so they can heal on their own terms

Their lives are up and down and they crave balance and stability.

Imagine being able to offer something...

...that is unique and innovative and helps your clients get results.

...that enables you to upsell coaching to current & former clients.

...that doesn't require you to produce videos and content. 

...that creates a new revenue stream in a few hours a week.

...that can be packaged and delivered with your other services.

...that helps grieving clients move forward in just six weeks.

Are you interested in...

Having access to a toolkit that is easy to deliver, contains new information, creates life-changing results for clients and can be offered individually or with group coaching? 

It's super simple. They watch a short video. They do a few workbook exercises. They hop on the phone with you once a week. 

If you love this sample and want more info, then you can talk with me to see if becoming a Certified Compass Coach is a fit for you.

The price for this lesson is just $27 (less than dinner and a movie).

A Message from Lane Robinson

Sometimes I wonder why my life purpose is to help others get their lives back after experiencing overwhelming, life-derailing loss. It started with figuring out how to heal myself from a life-disabling brain injury without prescriptions, filing a lawsuit, or becoming an invalid. It took about nine years of experimenting, studying, and evolving to discover the wisdom that becamse the foundation for all of my work. 

When I worked as a psychic medium, it felt good when my clients were able to connect with departed loved ones, but doing readings didn't help them get fully back on track. I also wanted to be able to share the information I'd learned that was contrary to the myths we had all been taught about death, dying and the other side. And, it made me crazy to see "experts" in the grief industry string people along and give them a "safe" place to suffer when I knew as a healer that the chronic stress from mourning caused dis-ease.

After years of creating, honing, testing, and improving; I'm sharing what I've learned in the most simple and effective program on the planet to help people take back their lives and move forward in peace. I hope you'll try out this lesson and let me know what you think. If you love it, the process is simple to become a Certified Compass Coach and start offering it to your clients. Martin Luther King once said that "faith is taking the first step when you don't see the whole staircase." The healing journey is kind of like that. 

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