Online Courses

The Lightwalker Thrive Program

The Lightwalker Thrive Program was designed to assist people who are recovering from overwhelming personal tragedy to help them move forward in their healing journeys. It is especially beneficial for those who have suffered trauma or who are grieving.

Tuning In to Your Intuition

Tuning In to Your Intuition is a Spiritual Development Course that teaches sixth sensory development and how to work with Archangels. It is a life-changing course for anyone who wants to learn how to access their intuition and improve the accuracy of intuitive messages.

Lightwalker Luminary Membership

You can enjoy FREE ACCESS to ALL LIGHTWALKER COURSES including the Lightwalker Thrive Program AND Tuning In to Your Intuition by purchasing a Lightwalker Luminary Membership*.

*Some memberships enable access for two people.