Frequently Asked Questions

​Why does metaphysical healing help people who are grieving or recovering from trauma?

Western medicine and traditional therapies alone have not been proven as evidenced-based cures for grief. While psychotherapy, group therapy and prescription drugs can be effective, they treat the symptoms of suffering. Until the energetic connection to the trauma is removed, the pain persists. Energy healing and Mediumship offer instant relief for most people, and create a stable foundation on which to move forward in the healing journey, regardless of the therapeutic choices they make. 

Do phone ​sessions really work?

​Clients ask this question all the time. ​Research has shown that phone ​sessions can ​be as effective or even more effective than in-person sessions. ​During phone ​sessions, both the healer and the client can be relaxed in comfortable locations and no one has to drive after the session. Our Beacon Network healers are adept and experienced at working over the phone​ and we love ​working this way because it ​enables us to connect ​with a broad range of clients ​regardless of physical location.

Is Mediumship scary?

While it is normal for someone to be a bit nervous before a session, Mediumship is not scary. If you were to go out and survey a dozen mediums who do their work full time and conduct thousands of sessions a year - you will have a difficult time finding a single person who has experienced fear, dark energy, or weird things happening during a reading. Many people are surprised people often laugh during Medium readings. Mediumship is like sex. If you had never had a sexual experience and someone described it to you - you would never want to do it. Mediumship is nearly impossible to understand if you haven't experienced it. The highly trained and experienced Mediums in our Beacon Network all have the intention and expertise to serve as healers and provide messages of comfort coming from a place of love without fear.

How ​do religious people ​justify energy healing and Mediumship?

This is a great question. Energy healing and Mediumship don't have anything to do with religion. It is all about science - quantum physics. If you study Tesla and Einstein, you will see that they both talk about energy as fundamental to how life works. Both energy healing and Mediumship work with life force energy. It might surprise you to know that some energy healers and Mediums are religious and some are not - religious beliefs are irrelevant to the process or the results.

​How should I select a Beacon healer?

​​Our directory not only gives you information about each healer, it also offers a paragraph explaining their intentions for serving this community. Look at the person's picture - read their information, and even visit their websites. Our directory simply refers clients to healers - we don't dictate what services they offer, how they schedule, nor what prices they charge. If you'd like assistance in determining which ​Beacon Healer is a fit for you, simply email and we will talk with you on the phone and ​recommend someone.

What should I do if I am not satisfied with my session?

​​​This happens very rarely because our Beacon Network healers are ​talented professionals. If you have an issue, please try to resolve it directly with the healer.  All of our healers work independently - we simply connect clients and healers. If you still have an issue, please email and we will assist you.

What ​if I have a question that isn't answered here?

Please send your questions to