Compass Program

The Compass Program helps people navigate life after loss.

Compass consists of 7 lessons that can be taken sequentially (self-paced) or in whatever order will be most effective for each student (with one-on-one coaching). The program takes each participant on a healing journey from struggling to stability and/or suffering to serenity in just 6 weeks. The time investment is approximately 30 to 90 minutes per week and includes watching a short video and completing workbook exercises. It is simple, cost-effective, and life-changing.

You can order the self-paced program below or schedule an assessment session to determine if learning via one-on-one coaching is a fit for you.

The Benefits of Creating A New Perspective

This lesson is powerful because it enables us to realize that no matter what occurred during our life-derailing loss, we are where we are and we have some choices to make that will determine how we will live going forward. The primary intention of this lesson is to aid in the acceptance of reality, but also to inspire students to clearly envision and take proactive steps to develop a brighter future. This lesson empowers and meets each person where they are as they embark upon the healing journey.

The Benefits of Understanding Your Stress Profile

This lesson is significant because minimizing stress is especially important when we have been overwhelmed by loss and need to find the strength to heal. The stress profile is a unique concept that helps students create a context in which to perceive, reduce, and manage stress in their daily lives. It can also be shared with other members of the student's inner circle so that friends and family can understand each other's wants and needs.

The Benefits of Building a Stress-Resilient Body

This lesson presents a new perspective about the body as a self-healing ecosystem and helps students improve physical vitality by being aware of environmental factors and choices that impede or strengthen the body. Stress resilience is different than physical strength - and it is achieved by making small lifestyle changes. The Eastern perspective about wellness has proven effective in super charging the healing of mind, body and spirit.

The Benefits of Releasing Stress Using Calming Activities

This lesson teaches about the seven Universal stress relievers that work for everyone, but more importantly allows each student to identify the special activities that calm them quickly and effectively. This supports the healing journey by assisting in creating balance and harmony in daily life.

The Benefits of Asking for Archangel Assistance

This lesson adds the element of receiving specific assistance from a higher power and is relevant for everyone regardless of their religious or spiritual beliefs.

The Benefits of Transforming Your Energy

This lesson is possibly the most significant one in the program because it introduces the concept of energetic memory that remains after traumatic events and undermines the healing journey until it is cleared and balanced. So many people who have panic attacks, suffer from PTSD, and feel devastated after loss experience rapid and profound improvement after embracing this concept and learning how to transform their energy.

The Benefits of Supporting the Journey of the Soul

This lesson is priceless for anyone who is suffering after the death of one or more loved ones. It addresses a multitude of myths about death and dying that have been falsely ingrained within Western society and its traditional belief system. Understanding what really happens when people cross over and what we all experience on the other side enables students to release their burdens of guilt and regret and find peace.

Self-paced Program

The Lightwalker Compass Program has been proven to transform the healing journeys and ease pain and suffering for people who have experienced life-derailing loss. The program is six weeks in length and includes short weekly video lessons (6 to 8 minutes each) and student workbooks in MS Word and PDF formats. It takes 20 to 30 minutes per week to complete student workbook lessons.

The program can be taken as self-paced or with one-on-one coaching. In the self-paced version, each week, you will receive an email with links to lesson videos and student workbooks. You will also receive email support for 60 days after your purchase. The price of the budget-friendly, self-paced program is $395. 

After payment, you will be re-directed to a page to enter your email information so you can receive access to your program. If you experience technical difficulties and do not see the Get Access page (not typical, but sometimes this happens), please email and we will take care of you.

With One-on-One Coaching 

Many people prefer to take the program is with one-on-one coaching so they can stay on track, complete each weekly lesson, and then share what they are learning, ask questions, and pick Lane's brain! Students receive weekly emails with video links and workbooks for six consecutive weeks. They also receive personalized,  weekly 1 hour telephone coaching sessions with Lightwalker Founder, Lane Robinson. 

Participants register after a 45-minute complimentary telephone conversation to assess their readiness and to ensure that the program is a fit.  Space is limited.

What program graduates are saying...

I found myself again!

gretchen p - san diego, CA

The Lightwalker Compass Program changed my life. Two years after my husband died of cancer, I wasn’t prepared to be a widow at age 50. I was completely overwhelmed and had no idea where to start or how to get my life back. I heard Lane Robinson on a podcast and took a leap of faith and enrolled in the Compass Program. It gave me the insight and direction I needed, and I’m so thankful. Several months after completing the program, I met someone and fell in love. I honestly never thought I would even date again. It has been very unexpected. It is difficult to find the words to describe how the coaching sessions and what I learned in the program changed everything, and in such a short time. I still pinch myself and am amazed at how I went from feeling hopeless and sad to balanced and happy. Every single person who is grieving over the loss of a loved one and needs to find themselves again should take this program. It works wonders.

It gave me my life back!

elizabeth a - seattle, wa

The grief I experienced after the death of my husband of 38 years was incredibly overwhelming, and I was devastated and unsure about how to move forward. A chance encounter with a friend who had lost her husband a year before I did, led me to Lane Robinson. My friend had recently completed the Compass Program and pretty much insisted I apply to be a student. After talking with Lane about the program, I decided to go for it, even though I was a little bit afraid and apprehensive. I must say the video lessons and our weekly phone calls over a surprisingly short period of less than 2 months gently changed my thinking about how to deal with my husband's death. The whole process enabled me to not only accept my new reality, but to discover my new purpose and look forward to an exciting new life. I highly recommend anyone experiencing debilitating grief over a loss to seriously consider The Lightwalker Compass Program. It was a life-changer for me and hopefully can be for you.

Better than therapy!

Chris p - Denver, CO

Lane - just wanted to thank you for your work and for creating the incredible  Lightwalker Compass Program. Before we worked together, I was exhausted and hanging on by a thread. The insight and wisdom the program offers about recovering from trauma are amazing. And the healing sessions and exercises helped much more than years of psychotherapy. I still can't believe how simple it was and how quickly things improved for me. I only wish I'd known about it sooner. Thank you again for everything...

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