Lightwalker Beacon Network

The Lightwalker Beacon Network is a gifted team of experienced metaphysical healing professionals devoted to serving our community. Beacons shine their lights to assist you in moving forward in your grieving journey. All offer healing sessions via telephone so you can work with any of them. To schedule a session, please reach out to the Beacon of your choice using the contact information shown below. If you need assistance choosing a healer - or to apply to be a healer in our network, please email

​Lane Robinson

Santa Fe, NM USA

About Lane

Services: Energy Healing, Mediumship

Languages: English


Delivery: Phone, F2F

Scheduling: Automated on website

Contact: Email or visit website

A Note from Lane

"Healing from catastrophic loss is all about the energy. ​The magic starts with energy healing, clearing and balancing to disconnect from the darkness of the trauma and infuse loving, ​soothing light. ​In addition, Mediumship is ​an extremely effective healing modality because it provides instantaneous and specific relief. ​Both of these metaphysical ​approaches assist us in finding calm stability during the grieving journey. It is ​a privilege to ​offer these services through our Beacon Network so you can move forward on a new path to peace."

​​Edie Dull

​​Minneapolis, MN USA

About ​Edie

Services: ​Animal Mediumship/Communication

​Languages: English

Delivery: Phone, Email

​Website: ​​

​Scheduling: ​Email

Contact: Email

A Note from ​Edie

"​​​​I've always been an animal person and many of my friends have four legs! When our pets cross over, we deeply feel the loss of these cherished loved ones. It is a privilege for me to serve the Lightwalker community to help ease trauma for surviving pets and connecting with and delivering messages from those on the other side."

​​Jenna Terlosky

​​Los Angeles & Fort Wayne USA

About ​Jenna

Services: ​Mediumship

​Languages: English

Delivery: Phone, Skype, F2F


​Scheduling: ​Email or phone

Contact: Email or call (260) 868-7677

A Note from ​Jenna

"​​​The beautiful healing that happens when a Medium connects the living with spirits in the afterlife gives me the greatest sense of purpose, and being able to reach out to those who need it most in our country is a dream come true. There are no words to describe the depth of relief and love people feel when they are able to reconnect to the people they loved the most."

​​Jennifer Fezio

​Houston, TX USA

About ​Jennifer

Services: ​Mediumship

​Other: ​Certified Bereavement Coach

Languages: English


Delivery: Phone, Skype, F2F

Scheduling: Automated on website

Contact: Email or call  ​(940) 368-2284

A Note from ​Jennifer

"​​Mediumship is comforting, healing and guiding. Know that your loved ones in spirit are eager to step forward to assist you in your time of grief. They are around us to guide, love and support us always. As a Medium, I provide you the opportunity to know your loved ones live on in spirit. To communicate their loving messages to you during your current hardship is my gift. Also, as a certified bereavement coach, together we can identify goals that will enable you to work through your grief with whatever loss you have experienced. Please reach out to me for guidance and healing."

​Catori Thomas

​​Baltimore, MD USA

About ​Catori

Services: ​Mediumship

​Other: ​Past Life Regression

Languages: English

Website: ​

Delivery: Phone, Skype

Scheduling: Automated on website

Contact: Email or call  ​(410) 299-6572

A Note from ​Catori

"​I am a Medium who has developed my gifts since childhood. My name, Catori is a Hopi word for "Spirit." My spirit-based readings are friendly, warm and non-judgmental. My personal motto is - I walk among you as one who serves."

​Joe Perreta

​New York, NY USA

About ​Joe

Services: ​Mediumship

​Languages: English

Delivery: Phone, F2F

​Website: ​​​​

Scheduling: Contact Form on Website

A Note from ​Joe

"​Mediumship isn't fantastic visions, mysterious apparitions, or voices in your head. It is the belief in love and it's unlimited potential. That potential is what calls me to do this work. The healing and peace that can result from a reading with a medium is astounding and I feel the need to share it with the world; especially the bereaved. ​It’s my goal to demystify the process and go deep in order to heal not only my client’s grief - but their soul as well."

​Michelle Weiss

​St. Paul, MN USA

About ​Michelle

Services: ​Energy Healing

​More Info: Certified Healing Touch Practitioner

​Languages: English

Delivery: Phone, Skype, F2F

​Scheduling: ​Email or Phone

Phone: (715) 781-5180

A Note from ​Michelle

"​​I am an intuitive guide and healer; a translator and soul guide. I have assisted individuals on their healing journeys for over 13 years, servicing all levels of trama and loss. I specialize with unwinding the imprints and reorganizing the structures of the energy field that are found on all levels and translate what is being presented. My intention is to be a vessel for the healing intentions of each individual that requests assistance."

Disclaimer:  By scheduling or purchasing a product or service, you agree that the information shared is not a substitute for advice, programs, or treatment from a licensed medical, psychological or financial professional. ​Land Robinson, LLC provides no guarantees nor implied warranties and is not ​responsible for any interpretations, decisions made or action taken by clients. All consultations are confidential.