About Us

Our Purpose

Lightwalker offers innovation, information, and inspiration to help people who are ready to get their lives back after loss so they can move forward in their healing journeys. 

Our Mission

Lightwalker teaches people to thrive after life-derailing events such as death of a loved one, disabling injury, or overwhelming loss.  The tools and therapies we provide address the root causes of pain and suffering in alignment with Eastern and holistic wellness traditions.

Our Motto

A New Path to Peace...

Our Community

Lightwalker is a RESOURCE CENTER that provides educational information about powerful, proven, and effective methods to thrive after loss. Our Lightwalker Compass Program dramatically transforms the lives of its students and takes them from struggling to stability in just six weeks. 

Lightwalker is a COMMUNITY of survivors and thrivers, coaches, and healers. In addition to our website, we connect with our community through regular emails and social media.

Lightwalker is a WAY OF LIFE centered on life-long learning and evolution and a determination to banish the pain and darkness experienced after loss and replace it with light-based vital force energy.

Our Founder

Lightwalker and the Lightwalker Compass Program were created by author, teacher, and healer, Lane Robinson. Lane spent over twenty years developing the program after suffering a potentially life-disabling brain injury. Western medicine was unable to offer a reasonable solution to her situation, recommended a regimen of prescription drugs, and predicted her outcome as living off of insurance money and being confined to a wheelchair. Lane rejected the recommendations of several respected medical professionals, continued to work, never took a pill, and ultimately healed herself using alternative therapies. The brain injury and subsequent life-altering challenges inspired Lane to create an innovative and unprecedented program to provide rapid relief from pain and suffering after loss, and the tools needed to move forward and lead a positive and productive life.

Lane is the author of Enlightened by Accident, Stress Free Success, and Organic Grief, all available at Amazon.com in paperback and Kindle formats (you can find links to order under the Books tab on this website). Prior to founding Lightwalker, Lane was an independent, international management consultant and managed high-performance work teams and led strategic initiatives in Europe and North America.

Lane holds a BA in English from Colorado State University, and an MBA from the University of Colorado at Boulder and has been trained as a psychic medium and healer by many of the world's most respected metaphysical masters.

Our Logo

The Lightwalker logo was designed by an incredibly talented and magical artist - Diana Eccher of Third Eye Designs. 

The logo was originally inspired by the koi fish. Depending on the origin of the spiritual tradition, the koi symbolizes courage; perseverance; tenacity; transformation; and abundance. These are the fundamental qualities of Lightwalker. After Diana completed the logo design, it was evident that the glow around the fish reflects the basic premise of Lightwalker - radiating light and vital force energy. The fish is swimming upward toward a new opening. The dark blue circle is reminiscent of the moon - the place where humans find solace. The light blue represents clear communication and water (a powerful cleansing and healing resource that is fundamental to human survival). 

If you are interested in working with Diana, please email her: eccherdiana@yahoo.com.

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