About Lightwalker

Our Purpose

Lightwalker provides an online resource center and alternative therapies for trauma recovery to those who are healing from catastrophic loss and overwhelming personal tragedies so they can move forward and discover a new path to peace...

Our Mission

Lightwalker teaches people to thrive after trauma.  We also provide education about the energetic implications of catastrophic loss and resources for alternative healing to address the root causes of pain and suffering instead of just treating the symptoms.

Our Motto

A New Path to Peace...

​Our Community

Lightwalker is a RESOURCE CENTER that provides educational information about proven and effective methods to thrive after trauma. The Lightwalker website provides access to carefully-chosen metaphysical healers through our Beacon Network. Our Lightwalker Thrive Program is a suite of online courses that teaches people how to thrive after trauma and how to build a stable spiritual foundation. Our Lightwalker Luminary Membership Program offers incredible benefits such as access to all of our online courses, member-only tele-seminars, and tools for coping with grief.  In the near future, we will bring members of our Beacon Network to some of the communities recently affected by catastrophic loss.

​Lightwalker is a COMMUNITY of trauma survivors and thrivers, first responders and healers. In addition to our website, we connect with our community through regular emails, Facebook, and at live events.

​Lightwalker is a WAY OF LIFE centered on life-long learning and evolution; spiritual practices such as meditation and yoga; and a determination to banish the pain and darkness experienced after loss and replace it with light-based energy.

Benefits of Metaphysical Healing

ENERGY HEALING removes the cellular-level trauma and disconnects the survivor from the energetic memory of the traumatic event. Healing energy provides a clean slate from which to move forward. We believe the best results are achieved when Eastern and Western approaches to healing are combined.

MEDIUMSHIP is a process in which those traumatized by loss connect with and receive messages from departed loved ones by working with a Medium as an intermediary. There is no evidence-based cure for grief. Mediumship is a mystery of life that has been shown to provide tremendous relief in transforming the healing process throughout the grieving journey.

ANIMAL COMMUNICATORS are able to connect with missing or departed pets. Pets are part of our families, and their losses are felt deeply.

​Our Founder

Lane Robinson founded Lightwalker in November of 2017 in response to the proliferation and severity of mass shootings and natural disasters in the US. Lane began her healing journey after sustaining a potentially life-disabling traumatic brain injury in a car crash in 1998. Nine years later, her intuitive abilities were revealed to her as she studied alternative therapies to heal herself and diminish the symptoms and impairment caused by her injuries. Energy healing was the primary factor in transforming her journey from survivor to thriver. In 2016, Lane's 26 year old nephew, Eric, took his own life. On October 4, 2017 - on what would have been his 28th birthday - and 3 days after the tragic mass shootings in Las Vegas - Lane received the calling to create Lightwalker and share her story, her knowledge about trauma recovery, and her belief in the transformational power of alternative therapies - with the world. She now serves as the Chief Inspiration Officer of Lightwalker.

Lane has been a professional medium and energy healer since 2008. She holds a BA in English from Colorado State University and an MBA in Marketing from The University of Colorado at Boulder. She tells her story in "Enlightened by Accident - The Awakening of a Psychic Medium" and explains the fundamentals of her trauma recovery  protocol in "Stress Free Success - Where East Meets West". Lane's 20 years of experience as an independent management consultant leading international, high performance teams and her work as a light worker and metaphysical teacher have given her the expertise to launch and manage Lightwalker and to nurture its growth and impact.